First Day

First day of school is done! Today was only registration and information but I find that those days can be the toughest. It’s so many new impressions and I’m always nervous on the first day so there’s a lot of extra tension too. Overall I like first days, I mean there are endless possibilities on a first day right? You just don’t know til you get there and I find that exciting! And the people! That’s probably the best and the scariest thing. These are the people you’re going to spend (in my case) the next two years with.  I always try to be open and put my best foot forward. The first impression isn’t everything but you definitely shouldn’t ignore it either.  And since you’re gonna spend a lot of time with these people they will get to know you eventually so you can’t just fake it the first day. I think you have to be as transparent as you can and really let yourself shine through, and that’s not necessarily an easy thing to do. Let’s hope I’ve done everything I’ve just said because now the fun (and hard) part begins. First class is on Monday…

Now I’ve changed to something comfy (read reebok) and will go visit my dad. It will be a Friday night well spent!

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