Towards the Nobel Prize

Today there was a welcome reception for all new students at the Stockholm City Hall. It was very nice with classical music, some choir and inspirational speakers. The City Hall is where the Nobel dinner is held so it was pretty cool to see the inside for real, and not just on tv. One of the speakers was actually from the new Nobel museum and he held a very profound speech about how ‘the future Nobel laureates were sitting in this hall right now’. No pressure.  I actually always said I would get the Nobel prize, of course I believed I would have it when I was 23… better speed it up because by my own estimations I should get it this year and I still haven’t made any brilliant contribution to the world of science. Oh well, I think I might have to disappoint my ten year old self but I can live with that. I’m sure I’ll get it next year anyway. All right, no more jokes (I’ll get it it in two years, tops), okay now I’m done. Let’s take it down to a more realistic level. Tomorrow I start lectures, 10-15… a pretty long day for someone who’s had summer vacation for the past 2,5 months. But I’m excited to start, it’s always nice when you get to know what you’re supposed to do for the next couple of months. I’ve got both my new classes tomorrow, Firm and Industry Dynamics and Microeconomics. I hope everything will go smoothly!